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Carmen:A I have always felt drawn to arts because of my connection to creative process. I was exposed to a lot of art and music as a child and was around a lot of musicians and artists.  I can remember as far back as being a nine year old working alongside my older sister Nora designing Christmas ornaments that included pictures of us both. When I was in high school, I saw a photograph of waterfall on facebook that absolutely captivated me. In was then moments I decided to learn everything about the art of photography. Unknown to me at the time, my sister was also developing her craft across the country discovering a love of photos and video. Now 5 years later, we are both again side by side working together on amazing creative projects. What a huge gift to be able to work alongside with my sister who still challenges me artistically these years later. I really enjoy being able to do artistic work and am privileged to work as a music teacher too.  I am at your service and would love to get to know you.



As a highly energetic child I always loved taking pictures and loved all forms of visual art because of the stories beyond the picture. Being the oldest out of four, I just understood the value of a good family portrait and the need for making precious moments count.  My love for photography grew with every picture I took of my family and I was eager to learn more and more. Eventually I became the unspoken family photographer and videographer. The local photo store workers knew me by name because I would develop so many pictures. When I was in college many friends began to notice my talent for photography, especially in video production. My friends actually bought me my first camera and told me I had to pursue photography and film. I am also passionate about education and reaching the needs of students today so I became public school teacher. Today, my 4th grade students get arts integrated creative approaches to their curriculum and support my photography/design/video adventures to this day. My youngest sister Carmen has always been my biggest inspiration and motivation to continue my creative passions. Today, I am honored to work alongside her as photographer, designer, videographer… and most importantly, big sister.


Experience:  Carmen knows how to use her camera to capture creative, detailed shots filled with beauty in design and style. She understands natural lighting and has developed an eye for choosing the right angle to artiscally depict moment and expression. Carmen is calm, precise, and extremely gifted in capturing lively, colorful, rich pictures. She has amazing accuracy which shows off her ability of to capture interesting perspectives complemented by the patience to wait for the right shot. Her clients describe her as having an,“easy to be around” , wonderful vibe.” She has been photographing weddings and events for the past 5 years.


Along with a talent and eye to see photographing magical fun lasting moments, Nora also thrives in the photography and media art community. She has a creative eye for design and media production and works along programs such as the San Francisco Aria Program teaching Opera to her students. Her strengths also include growing a diverse customer base with successful social website networking  functions and maintaining positive client relationships in her professional communities. She understands what the customer is seeking in the finished product and is excellent at communicating and managing crowds and events. Nora is gifted in dealing with children and connects well in any youth and children events making parents and families feel safe and accepted.  She is efficient, timely and communicative with a dynamic personality. Customers and clients describe Nora as, “fun, energetic, and passionate.”


The sisters have been described as “having a special kind of sister relationship,” “sisters we admire and look up to.”


Passion: Our passion for creating beautiful photographs comes from our life beliefs of making a positive impact on the people we encounter.  We create best situations for getting the perfect shot are created by valuing each person for their uniqueness! Whether we are photographing a bride’s wedding, or at an event, our approach is the same: we treat people with the respect they deserve.  Each person deserves to be celebrated for their individuality and it’s an joy to capture what makes each person shine. The images we capture are cherished by client’s, families, and friends for a lifetime.


Description of equipment


Canon: 6D

Canon rebel 6i


Canon EF 17-40mm f/4l USM Lens

Canon EF prime 50mm f/1.8

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM


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