Ihave always felt drawn to arts because of my connection to creative process. I was exposed to a lot of art and music as a child and was around a lot of musicians and artists.

I can remember as far back as being a nine year old working alongside my older sister Nora designing Christmas ornaments that included pictures of us both.

When I was in high school, I saw a photograph of waterfall on facebook that absolutely captivated me. In was then moments I decided to learn everything about the art of photography.

Unknown to me at the time, my sister was also developing her craft across the country discovering a love of photos and video. Now 5 years later, we are both again side by side working together on amazing creative projects. What a huge gift to be able to work alongside with my sister who still challenges me artistically these years later.

I really enjoy being able to do artistic work and am privileged to work as a music teacher too.